My husband received his new hearing aids from Hearing Works and is very pleased as I am also. Exceptional professional and personal care from Rodrigo. Highly recommend Hearing Works
Melinda Stokes, on Google
I am not comfortable yet with the hearing aids. They are very uncomfortable right now but I think I will get use to them. The staff is great, very helpful and very patient with me.
KT Cantlon, on Google
I initially consulted my primary physician on the high pitch sound I was experiencing in both my ears. In order to assist in his diagnosis and treatment, my doctor provided me a referral to obtain a hearing test. I contacted my health insurance provider to obtain authorization for the hearing test and providers in their network. After a lengthy review, I choose Hearing Works. I called for an appointment and spoke to a very pleasant company representative who scheduled my appointment. She also informed of the documents that I would have to fill out and asked if I would arrive shortly before my scheduled appointment. Upon my arrival, I received a patient questionnaire to complete from the same company representative that I spoke to on the phone. She had clearly marked the areas on the forms where I needed to fill in the needed information. I was a little apprehensive since I had not had a hearing test since I entered the U.S. Army in 1980, but she definitely made me feel at ease. Within 5 - 10 minutes of my arrival, the hearing specialist Rodrigo came out to the waiting room, introduced himself and brought me back to the examination room. For over an hour, Rodrigo performed an array of hearing tests. His vast technical knowledge and experience were evident as he conducted these tests. Throughout these tests, Rodrigo made sure that I understood the test requirement through his use of clear and concise instructions. After all the tests were completed, he uploaded my data and reviewed the results on a large TV monitor. As he discussed the results, I often asked questions which were easily answered. More importantly, these comprehensive results will enable my primary physician to begin to ascertain the potential cause for the high pitch noise in both my ears. Rodrigo is very amiable and a delightful conversationalist, which made visiting his office a pleasurable experience. Upon checking out, I already made my next follow up appointment. If you are experiencing a hearing issue or just need a hearing test, I highly recommend obtaining an appointment with Rodrigo.
Mike Vahey, on Google
I , like so many people , have moved to SWF and had been looking for a Starkey provider. My hearing aides were getting older and I was looking For newer models and I hadn’t been tested for about 7 years! I was very happy to find Rodrigo Uribe! He gave me a complete hearing test, and showed me what’s new in hearing aide technology! He is extremely knowledgeable and has a friendly, patient demeanor. I’m looking forward to following with him for my hearing issues!
Lois H, on Google
Very efficient. Done in 5 minutes. He said if there are any problems, contact him and he will fix them. GeorgeWilloughby
George W, on Google

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